Marketing Tucson Homes

In a slow market, there are often fewer buyers and more sellers. Even though it is more difficult to sell during a slow market, homes still do sell! Setting yourself apart with a good marketing campaign is going to improve your strategy and get you the multiple offers you want.


MLS Listing / Online Photographs

Most homebuyers look for their future homes online. Photos online are going to be a homebuyer’s first impression. A potential buyer will search their criteria and will be directed to homes meeting those requirements. They can scroll through the listings to find a home that catches their eye. A picture says everything to a buyer so taking good photos is paramount to getting attention for your sale.

Badly shot photographs can ruin an online marketing plan. Avoid the following mistakes at all costs:

  • Photos made dark by drapes or bad lighting.
  • Photos turned sideways.
  • Photos of cluttered rooms.
  • Photos with unnecessary elements.
  • Photos with pets in the room.
  • A lack of photos with an online listing.
  • High or low-resolution photos not proper for internet viewing.


Good Real Estate Marketing Practices

Description:  Put your best foot forward. When it comes to writing a description for your home, make sure to point out what makes your home unique. Give some insight into why you purchased the home and place a positive spin on any negative factors of your home.

Open Houses: During your open house, go beyond the ordinary bottled water and sandwiches. Serve food that is creative! Conduct a drawing for free gift certificates (i.e. a gift card to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or a local grocery store) and add other buyer incentives.

Availability: Be as available and flexible as possible for both your agent and potential homebuyers. Using a lockbox will allow your agent to show more potential buyers your home.

Commission: Appropriate commission will motivate the agent to sell your home faster. It’s not that agents are greedy, but in a slow market, agents may view lower commissioned listings as attached to an unmotivated seller. If the seller isn’t motivated, they are often unlikely to negotiate. In a slow market, negotiation is necessary.

Buyer Incentives: Adding a buyer incentive is only going to help your home sell that much faster. Buyer incentives can range from a brand new luxury vehicle to a flat screen LCD/plasma television. You can also use no closing costs, home protection plans, prepaid homeowners fees, buy down mortgage rates, or a weekend get-a-way as buyer incentives.

Print Advertising: Not only is advertising great on the internet, it’s also great in print. Being in the Sunday classifieds and/or daily paper can gain you further exposure. Picture advertisements will cost slightly more, but are more likely to convert to leads. Whether you or your Realtor pays for print advertising, it’s worth the cost.

Virtual Tours: If available through your real estate agent, virtual tours make it easier than ever for a potential homebuyer to view the entire home. Having high-resolution, printable photos and an email option will also help attract buyers. If this is not an option, multiple photos of your property listing are a definite must.


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