Tips for First-time Buyers

The Treece Team offers the following tips for first-time homebuyers in the Tucson real estate market. By visiting this site, you have taken the first step in the home-buying process. These tips can keep you moving in the right direction.

Why Should I Buy a Home in Tucson?

  • It’s the American Dream.
  • It’s yours! You can tear down walls, paint and can turn on your radio as loud as you want (as permitted by law). It’s yours to do what with as you wish.
  • There are many financial benefits of owning a home in a growing market. As the Tucson market improves, your home is worth more.


Where Does Your Tucson Home Search Begin?

  • The home search starts right here. If you are on this website, you have already begun the search process.
  • Using the free tools online makes it easy to search available properties on the market.
  • Narrow your criteria to the number of rooms and other musts to pinpoint selections before talking to an agent.


How Long Will It Take Me To Find a Home?

  • A motivated homebuyer is likely to find a home in a couple weeks to a few days. It really depends on the market and the eagerness of the buyer.
  • In a buyer’s market, there are likely to be several homes to view that meet your criteria, so it may take longer to make a final selection.
  • In a seller’s market, fewer homes are seen because there are fewer homes meeting your criteria so a purchasing decision may be made sooner.


How Many Homes Will I See?

  • The average number of homes a buyer should view per day is seven.
  • Overall, you may view 20-30 properties before selecting the one for you.
  • If you are in a home you are not interested in seeing more of, let the agent know so you can move on.


How Will I Know I’ve Found the Right House?

  • When you walk into the right property, you will know it. You may even feel emotionally connected to it.
  • If you love the property and do not want to let it go, promptly tell your real estate agent about the decision.


How Do I Keep Track of Home Viewing?

  • Take your camera, a notepad and pen with you during your search. Take pictures of the property while noting the photo number, and alternative notes, on your notepad.
  • Write down the pros and cons of each property to make an informed decision. Note the neighborhood, location, and rate each home on a scale of 1-10 before you leave the property.


Should I See My Final Picks More Than Once?

  • If you are stuck between properties you have viewed, ask to see the properties a second time.
  • Look for details you may have missed in the first viewing.
  • At this point, check in with the sellers’ agent to see if an offer has been placed on the property.