How to Determine If You Can Afford to Buy a Home

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The gap between the increase in personal income and residential real estate prices has been used to defend the concept that we are experiencing an affordability crisis in housing today. It is true that home prices and wages are two key elements in any affordability equation. There is, however, an extremely important third component to [...]

Thinking of Selling Your Home? The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

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Tom Petty famously penned the words, “the waiting is the hardest part” in his early 80’s hit song The Waiting, and his thought process can surprisingly also be applied to individuals considering selling their homes today. Traditional thinking would suggest it may be best to wait until the spring to sell when there is a [...]

Buying a home can be SCARY…Until you know the FACTS [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights: Many potential homebuyers believe they need a 20% down payment and a 780 FICO® score to qualify to buy a home. This stops many people from even trying to jump into homeownership! Here are some facts to help take the fear out of the process: 71% of buyers who purchased homes have put [...]

Think Prices Have Skyrocketed? Look at Rents.

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Much has been written about how residential real estate values have increased since the housing market started its recovery in 2012. However, little has been shared about what has taken place with residential rental prices. Let’s shed a little light on this subject. In the most recent Apartment Rent Report, RentCafe explains how rents have [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Living in a Multigenerational Home

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Did you know that 1 in 6 Americans currently live in a multigenerational household? According to Generations United, the number of multigenerational households rose from 42.4 million in 2000 to 64 million in 2016. The 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors shows that 12% of all buyers have [...]

Depending on the Price, You’re Going to Need Advice

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To understand today’s complex real estate market, it is critical to have a local, trusted advisor on your side – for more reasons than you may think. In real estate today, there are essentially three different price points in the market: the starter-home market, the middle-home market, and the premium or luxury market. Each one [...]

Homes Are Selling Quickly [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights: The National Association of REALTORS® surveyed their members for the release of their Confidence Index. The REALTORS® Confidence Index is a key indicator of housing market strength based on a monthly survey sent to over 50,000 real estate practitioners. Practitioners are asked about their expectations for home sales, prices, and market conditions. Homes across the country are selling [...]

3 Reasons This is NOT the 2008 Real Estate Market

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Today’s real estate market is nothing like the 2008 market. When an economic slowdown happens, it won’t resemble the last one. No one knows for sure when the next recession will occur. What is known, however, is that the upcoming economic slowdown will not be caused by a housing market crash, as was the case [...]

Be on the Lookout for Gen Z: The Next Generation of Homebuyers

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Gen Zers are the next generation of homeowners, and they’re eager to jump in and buy their first homes. Whether you are part of this generation or any other, it’s never too early to start saving, so you can reach your homeownership goal sooner rather than later. You’ve likely heard a ton about Millennials, but [...]