What You Should Know About Rising Mortgage Rates

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After steadily falling over the winter, mortgage rates have started to rise in recent weeks. This is concerning to some potential homebuyers as the combination of higher mortgage rates and higher prices have made homes less affordable. So, if you’re planning to purchase a home this year, you too may be wondering if now’s the [...]

One Major Benefit of Investing in a Home

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One of the many reasons to buy a home is that it’s a major way to build wealth and gain financial stability. According to Freddie Mac:“Building equity through your monthly principal payments and appreciation is a critical part of homeownership that can help you create financial stability.”With spring approaching, now’s a great time to consider [...]

How To Make Your Dream of Homeownership a Reality

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According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 8 in 10 Americans say buying a home is a priority, and 28 million Americans actually plan to buy within the next 12 months. Homeownership provides many financial and nonfinancial benefits, so that interest is understandable.However, it’s unlikely all 28 million Americans will accomplish that goal in the [...]

A Smaller Home Could Be Your Best Option

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Many people are reaching the point in their lives when they need to decide where they want to live when they retire. If you’re a homeowner approaching this stage, you have several options to explore. Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), says:“As we see [...]

The Two Big Issues the Housing Market’s Facing Right Now

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The biggest challenge the housing market’s facing is how few homes there are for sale. Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, explains the root causes of today’s low supply:“Two dynamics are keeping existing-home inventory historically low – rate-locked existing homeowners and the fear of not finding something to buy.”Let’s break down these two big [...]

Spring into Action: Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Expert Guidance

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To sell your home this spring, it may need more preparation than it would have a year or two ago. Today’s housing market has a different feel. There are more homes for sale than there were at this time last year, but inventory is still historically low. So, if a house has been sitting on [...]

The Spring Housing Market Could Be a Sweet Spot for Sellers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some Highlights The biggest challenge in the housing market is how few houses there are for sale compared to the number of people who want to buy. The number of homes for sale is up from last year but below pre-pandemic numbers, and that means we’re still in a sellers’ market. The housing market needs [...]

Wondering What’s Going on with Home Prices?

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The recent changes in home prices are top of mind for many as the housing market begins gearing up for spring. It can be hard to navigate misleading headlines and confusing data, so here’s what you should know about today’s home prices.Local price trends still vary by market. But looking at national data, Nataliya Polkovnichenko, [...]

Should You Consider Buying a Newly Built Home?

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If you’re thinking about buying a home, you might be focusing on previously owned ones. But with so few houses for sale today, it makes sense to consider all your options, and that includes a home that’s newly built.The Number of Newly Built Homes Is on the RiseWhile there are more houses for sale right [...]